Welcome to School Model! School Model is a wonderful site for students that want to model their school spirit for the next generations. On School Model people can post pictures, videos, articles and other things. All you have to do is become a member! Membership is 100% free, and it gives you access to all apects of this site. School Model is not just for school related things. You can also hang out with friends and post pictures. When you sign up you become an official model for School Model. Post pictures of yourself and other things. Your posts don't have to be related to school at all! Just be appropriate with what you post, and you will be freely excepted into the School Model community. You don't have to be a member to enjoy other peoples posts. If you prefer not to post anything yourself, and you just want to view things then you can just browse this site without any other steps. Also another great thing about School Model is that parents and teachers are only allowed on certain pages in this site! All other pages are protected by passwords that only the students will get to know. You have a lot of freedom on School Model. You can basically do whatever you want. School Model is made by students for students. School Model is a safer sharing site, unlike major ones that are strewn across the web. We will gurantee that your safety is very important to us, and that all innapropriate information will be deleted. School Model is a better choice to model yourself and your education, and it is here to connect with old friends and new friends. Enjoy School Model!

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